10 Organic Anti-Cold Foods

When temperatures are not always mild, we opt for a diet that strengthens our immune system. Ginger, honey, garlic repel the little evils of winter and protect us from the cold.

Contrary to what we think, do not eat more fat when it is cold. Our body is able to maintain our internal temperature, whatever the weather conditions outside. On the contrary, when our meals are too rich, all our energy is dedicated to digestion instead of thermoregulation.

1. Ginger

Anticancer, anti-nausea, anti-inflammatory and antiviral, ginger is a health ally! This spice has so many properties that it is used to effectively relieve a considerable number of ailments, from nausea to the flu to fatigue and rheumatism. Ginger promotes blood circulation, warming our body. Infused, grated or simply raw, you can eat it every day.

2. Honey

A gold nectar with antibacterial and antifungal properties, honey is ideal for colds and winter fatigue. Soothing and antiseptic, honey heals sore throats and stops phlegm in coughs. A true source of minerals, iron, proteins and vitamins of all kinds, it represents a very good alternative to sugar.

3. Garlic

Like honey and ginger, garlic has anti-cancer, cardiovascular, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious properties. Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, garlic is particularly indicated for naturally treating certain winter ailments, such as colds, flu and sore throats. It is a wonderful natural antibiotic, so do not hesitate to decorate your dishes with garlic. Note that cooked, it is more easily digestible.

4. Chilli

Do you feel hot after eating hot peppers? Well, it's not just an impression! Thanks to capsaicin (its active compound), chilli peppers modify the activity of the nervous system and activate the production of heat in the body.

5. Citrus fruits

It's the citrus season! Take the opportunity to stock up on lemons, oranges, clementines and tangerines. Clementine is one of the richest fruits in vitamin C that boosts our immune system and fights colds and small ailments of winter. Citrus fruits also have the advantage of being powerful anti-infectives.

6. Dried fruits and oleaginous fruits

A little craving? As a snack, opt for oleaginous fruits such as nuts, almonds, and hazelnuts that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, essential to the body. Dried fruits, grapes, dried apricots, bananas and dried figs are also rich in minerals, such as magnesium, iron, copper, selenium or zinc, they are an ideal snack during long winter days.

7. Dark chocolate

This is news that will delight most. Cocoa is an excellent anti-stress food and is a source of magnesium that preserves our nervous and muscular balance. Choose chocolate over 70% cocoa and beans that concentrate more.

8. Green tea

Powerful antiviral and antioxidant, green tea can be drunk almost throughout the day to help us fight against cold snaps. Avoid in the late afternoon due to the presence of theine, a natural stimulant. Draining, stimulating, slimming, anti-ageing, tea is a real elixir of health to enjoy. Rich in antioxidants, tea contains substances from the family of polyphenols, including catechins, which seem to increase energy expenditure such as caffeine.

9. The coffee

Like chilli, coffee can warm you up and facilitate weight loss through the thermogenesis (energy production) it activates. So if you feel the urge to drink more when it's cold, do not hesitate. Although it has health benefits for our cardiovascular system, excessive consumption (over 4 cups of coffee per day) can lead to insomnia, heartburn, palpitations. For the most sensitive, there are many alternatives to replace coffee.

10. Acerola

This small fruit is known for its richness in vitamin C, 30 to 40 times greater than the orange! This makes it a real tonic that helps reduce tiredness and fatigue. The latter also helps maintain the balance of the immune system by protecting cells from oxidative stress and thus preventing winter ailments.

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