Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

Why pack a healthy lunchbox to work?

Usually, you eat your healthy breakfast at home, but for lunch there is various alternatives and lunch box is one of the options many people choose.

Humans now live in a world where they function under an overstressed, overloaded work and sleep-deprived environment. And to top it all, today’s cafeterias at any workplace or social centers are filled with processed and unhealthy food. When such is the case, it becomes important for people to understand the importance of the food that they consume.

It is not always convenient to pack a lunchbox to work, but there are tons of reasons why you should take a healthy lunchbox to work.

First of all, you are in control of your diet, making sure that you eat a healthy meal for lunch. Secondly, you are putting money back into your pocket and not spending more than what you should. Thirdly, you are eating on time. Taking a lunchbox to work not only saves money but time. And lastly, a healthy lunchbox makes your body perform and function more efficiently at work.


What to make for the lunchbox?

If your mission is to eat healthily and save some bucks by making your lunchbox then,

Here are some tips on healthy lunchbox ideas for work.


  1. Both vegetables and fruits are an excellent source of nutrients. They can be easily prepared, and you can quickly steam or toss pack it. They are low in fat, sodium, calories and most importantly, cholesterol free.


  1. If you are looking to stay full for an extended period, then go for whole grain bread, brown rice, kinds of pasta, bulgur, etc. They are microwavable and easy to prepare.


  1. For those of you who are not a fan of vegetables, chicken can be a great option, particularly chicken breast. It is easy and simple to prepare because it is boneless and skinless and that makes it even more convenient while consuming. You can cook or grill the chicken and add any of your favorite ingredients. They help you build muscles because it contains high proteins and fewer fats.


  1. Bottle water is very much part of the lunchbox. Keeping in mind and minimizing the consumption of foods and drinks that are high in salt and sugar. It is advisable to drink water because juices and other soft beverages come with excess sugar.


  1. Sandwiches are perfect lunchbox ideas for husbands because they like their lunch when there are some cheese, meat, and fresh greens. However, readymade sandwiches are not as fresh hence, making your own would be a healthy option.


  1. Salads can never go wrong, whether they are served for breakfast, lunch or dinner. And if you are trying to eat clean- there’s nothing like having an assorted vegetable salad. Simple to make and easy to digest.


  1. Fish is among the most nutritious foods. They come with a substantial amount of health benefits, such as Vitamin D and Protein. Although fish may not be the most comfortable meal to prepare for a lunchbox, they are an excellent source of fatty acids and Omega 3 which are essential for the development of the body and brain.


In conclusion, the fact that lunch is part of our daily living, we ought to balance and try to keep a healthy meal. It may not be easy to maintain, but it’s not impossible to keep check of what you are consuming. After all, “Health is wealth.”

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