10 Common Weight-Loss Friendly Foods

Yes! You need not starve for fat loss. Eat right and you will find you are losing weight. Food is not the main culprit when you gain weight, but it is the unhealthy food and lazy lifestyle that accumulate fats in your body. Avoid such foods including sugar, too much salt, junk snacking and fried and processed food and you will be fine. Just recall some common, but weight-loss friendly foods, that you can have on a daily basis to help you in controlling your weight.


Here are 10 common weight-loss friendly foods:


Lentils and beans

These are protein-rich foods, with high fibre, minerals and vitamins.  They make you feel full and keep you energised for a long time.


Whole grains

Grains as such do not cause weight gain but refined grains do. Stick to whole grains such as brown rice, wheat, millets, quinoa, amaranth and farro. They are high in carbohydrates but having them moderately is good for your fitness.  The high fibre content is helpful for metabolism as well.



Studies point out that, avocados can help maintain BMI and also reduce fat loss. They contain monosaturated fats which make you feel satiated and also are good for your heart.



They are high in nutrients and proteins. You feel full of eating eggs thus preventing binging. You can add eggs to salads, or have them with whole grains.



Boiled or baked potatoes, yes, but not French Fries! High in fibre and potassium, they provide satiety and give you good energy.



You can be nuts about nuts and yet, be fit and healthy! They also provide high nutrients such as monosaturated fats which are good for heart health as well. Good for metabolism and hence, for weight loss as well.



One of the best foods, salmon in addition to helping you maintain weight loss also helps to keep your body healthy and fine as it contains omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, Vitamin D, and high-quality protein.



Salads are recommended for weight loss. You can include leafy vegetables and cruciferous vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower as well as they contain proteins and fibre in a high quantity that increase your metabolic rate as well as keep you full and energised.



Fruits are the best choice when it comes to weight loss. Have fruit salad or toss them in your salad for a nutritious meal that will reduce the extra inches but add to your health and glow.



Make your own soup with veggies and herbs. They fill your body with all essential nutrients and keep you full but at the same time, won’t add to your waistline. Just ensure that you don’t add too much salad dressing or calorie-rich ingredients such as butter or cream.

The rule you should remember is any food in its natural form is good for your health and will help you stay fit. So, have more veggies and fruits and you will find that it is not just your body but also your mind that is thanking you!

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