Eating healthy but can’t loose weight?

Common reasons from a nutritionist for not losing weight and what you can do about them to reach your weight loss goals!

Eating too much.

Almost always due to overeating. Eating healthy foods can cause weight gain as much as eating unhealthy foods. Healthy foods like avocados, nuts, seeds, nut butters, hummus etc. contains healthy fats, but still need to be eaten in moderation. Portioning and tracking your food can help you be more aware of how much you are eating.

Not drinking enough water.

Water is an important factor in losing weight and many times people think they are drinking more than they really are. Track it with an app, or by setting out bottles each day as a visual reminder to drink the amount you need.

Eating too often.

If you are not tracking or portioning your food, you might be over eating. Instead of snacking, eat larger, more balanced meals with fewer snacks. Eating too frequently can keep blood sugar raised as well. If you are balancing your meals properly, you won’t be hungry in between meals.

Not exercising.

While exercise is a small portion of weight loss, it is still part of the equation. Combining cardio with strength training builds lean muscle tissue. Increasing lean muscle, burns more calories which make weight loss more achievable.

Chronic stress.

Stress impacts hormone function by increasing cortisol. Cortisol increases fat storage. Chronic stress will affect your ability to lose weight. Reducing stress, decreasing caffeine and sleeping more can help move the scale.

Unrealistic expectations.

Weight loss is not a fast process and you can’t expect immediate results. The key is consistency. Be consistent with how you eat, what you eat and what you do! A positive attitude also has tremendous effect on the outcome of your goals.

Dieting too long.

Eating a low calorie diet slows metabolism and hormone function which is needed for weight management and the body is protecting itself from starvation. It becomes extremely difficult for someone who has been eating a low calorie diet to lose weight. This is a tricky situation and best handled by working with a nutritionist who can help you get back on track.

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