10 Uses of Bicarbonate That Will Revolutionize Your Daily Life

Baking soda is found in all houses. In the household, its uses are as varied as they are effective. Discover sodium bicarbonate, the miracle powder of everyday life.

An excellent versatile product, baking soda can perform a multitude of services in everyday life. Natural, ecological and economical, this extremely soluble white powder is essential for the home, the garden, the kitchen or the bathroom. No need for a battery of expensive and polluting maintenance products, sodium bicarbonate knows how to do everything. Or almost. We reveal some good tips to facilitate daily tasks with sodium bicarbonate.

1. For cleaner linen

Diluted in a little water and sprayed on stains or mixed with powdered laundry, bicarbonate is a valuable ally for washing clothes.

2. For shiny dishware

On a damp cloth, add a few pinches of sodium bicarbonate. We rub gently and then rinse, the dishes will shine naturally and effortlessly. The same operation will take care of the silverware. There is nothing like it to recover a burnt pan. Just add three teaspoons of powder and a little hot water. The mixture is left to act for half an hour and then rubbed. If the operation proves ineffective, the dose of bicarbonate is doubled and boiled for five minutes. The cooled water is rubbed once.

3. To clean floor to ceiling

Like dishwashing with a damp cloth and a little baking soda, you can tackle the whole house for efficient and eco-friendly cleaning. Hob, sink, tub, shower wall, everything goes on. Moreover, bicarbonate is used to disinfect toilets. Two large spoons of powder and a little white vinegar poured along the walls of the bowl, a few minutes of patience and voila.

4. To neutralize bad smells

Baking soda acts as a real odor trap. Fill a cup and put it in the refrigerator to neutralize odors, it can also be used to refresh smelly shoes. Just pour some bicarbonate into the shoe and let it work all night.

5. To better preserve a bouquet of flowers

Fed up with the flowers that die after only a few days? The longevity of a bouquet is improved by cutting the flower stalks into bevels and dipping them into warm water mixed with a teaspoon of baking soda. Ideally, change the water every other day.

6. To clean fruits and vegetables

To wash fruits and vegetables efficiently and naturally, immerse in a container of water to which a little bicarbonate is added. The mixture will remove 99% of impurities from the skin of plants. And baking soda can also be used in small amounts when cooking vegetables to keep a beautiful color.

7. To raise a pastry

Above 70° C, baking soda has a rising action. A tip that allows pastry chefs to improve the texture of their desserts. As for cooking vegetables, go light on quantities. ½ teaspoon for 250 g of flour is enough. And this is not the only service that baking soda provides in the kitchen. With a single pinch, you will succeed with your whites.

8. For a smile whiter than white

We told you, bicarbonate is useful everywhere, even in vanity-boxes! For whiter teeth, a small amount of powder is poured onto the toothbrush and a few drops of lemon juice are added and then used as a standard toothpaste. The mixture is formidable. Nevertheless, so you don't attack the enamel, the operation is repeated two to three times a month, maximum.

9. For better digestion

Bicarbonate helps fight acid reflux. A teaspoon diluted in a glass of water with a few drops of lemon juice facilitates digestion and soothes heartburn.

10. To take care of the garden

A teaspoon of baking soda, three tablespoons of olive oil and a large glass of water. This is the recipe for a totally natural insecticide that will allow you to take care of your garden without flooding it with chemicals. Sprayed on plants, this solution keeps insects away.

In addition baking soda has an unlimited shelf life. Simply keep it dry. If in doubt, it is possible to check if it is still usable by mixing a small amount with white vinegar. If it bubbles, you can use it!

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