15 Unusual Uses of White Vinegar

Economical, easy to find, harmless – vinegar is the product you need to have at home as it is useful on a daily basis. Whether in cosmetics or for the maintenance of the house, its uses are varied.

No need to use balsamic vinegar, Modena, etc… The vinegar to use is white vinegar, also called crystal vinegar and although it can be used for cooking, it has many qualities and multiple applications; here are a few:

1. Relieve insect sting

If you have been bitten by an insect, pour vinegar on a compress and then put it on your sting. Know that it is also an excellent repellent against insects.

2. Brighten up the leather

Soak a vinegar cloth and gently rub your shoes or sofa; then wipe with a soft, dry cloth.

3. Eliminate the smell of cat pee

The smell of cat urine is particularly strong and persistent. To eliminate it, clean the area impregnated with urine with vinegar.

4. Remove sticker traces

Some labels, such as jam jars, are sometimes difficult to remove. Rub glue residue with vinegar to make them disappear.

5. Descale your kettle

If you find that your kettle is full of limestone, pour white vinegar in with water and boil: the limestone should quickly unhook the walls or even dissolve. Make sure to empty your kettle or the following tea will taste strange…

6. Remove rust

Metal tends to cover itself with orange traces: rust. To remove, let the metal piece soak overnight: the next day it will be like new.

7. Fight against lice

It is a remedy of our grandmother's that we tend to neglect: wash the hair and rinse with vinegar after half an hour of waiting, it will drive lice from your head or that of your children.

8. Wash the microwave

To clean your microwave, it's easy: heat a bowl filled with water and vinegar for several minutes. Then just put a sponge on the walls.

9. Replace the rinse aid

Did you forget to buy rinse aid for your dishwasher? No problem, use white vinegar instead: your dishes will stay bright.

10. Replace the fabric softener

No need to buy fabric softener: use white vinegar. Be reassured, your laundry will not smell the vinegar…

11. Make the faucets shine

For sparkling faucets, rub them with white vinegar and a cloth. Your chrome will regain all their brilliance.

12. Eliminate traces of mold

Some places like the bathroom are particularly wet, an ideal condition to allow the mold to grow. To remove it when it is on the joints, for example, soak paper with vinegar and leave it on the black traces for several hours.

13. Clean windows and mirrors

Rather than using industrial cleaning products, replace your window cleaner with white vinegar diluted in water. A microfiber cloth and finished tracks on windows and mirrors.

14. Wash the toilet

For clean toilets and rid of their bacteria, wash them with white vinegar.

15. Deodorize the pipes

Sometimes the pipes push back and give off a bad smell. To avoid this inconvenience, maintain them with white vinegar by pouring directly into your washbasins and sinks.

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