5 Benefits of consuming Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

The world famous quote – ‘An Apple a day, keeps the doctor away’ is not said without a reason. Certainly consuming fresh fruits and vegetables keeps our health quotient high and provides us the natural energy our body needs to keep going. With the Frozen food trends and availability increasing in nearly every Supermarket or Departmental store near us, we have now become accustomed to including a lot of such frozen food items in our daily staple. You can even grow fresh and healthy vegetables if you live in the center of the city and we have some Helpful Tips to Grow Fruits and Vegetables on Your Balcony

Binge on Seasonal Fruits and Veggies instead of canned and Frozen food

  • When we say that it is a Seasonal fruit or vegetable, which means that it is in its peak, which means it is freshly harvested and reaped full with natural ingredients. This type of Seasonal fruit or vegetable will always provide more nourishment to our body than the processed ones. 
  • Taste wise also the fruit will be more juicy and crisp with the required taste and pulp since it is not dehydrated yet. 
  • Eating fresh fruits or veggies is also a very noble cause as you are buying it directly from the locals who have picked it up from the nearest farm and delivered to your doorstep. This will more likely be going into the pockets of the local farmers or vegetable dealers rather than large store houses and vendors. Sometimes we also see nearby village folks selling fresh farm grown fruits and vegetables from their own farm at local markets. Hence you are doing a good deed to your community by buying directly from them. 
  • If all the fresh fruits and veggies are consumed quickly by the buyers, the need to process, store, export and transport would not be required which is happening currently at such a large scale. Therefore, by eating seasonal fruits and veggies, you are also doing your bit for your environment. 
  • Last but not the least, you are also saving some extra bucks and giving some relief to your pockets as well by buying seasonal fresh eatables. I am sure you would have noticed that a seasonal fruit or vegetable is generally lower in price than the regular foods or out of season foods. For eg. if you plan to buy a dozen Mangoes during the non-Mango season, you would end up paying a fortune for that, whereas during the season time, it is readily available everywhere. 

While there is a comfort factor about frozen foods in cooking them as most of the times they are deshelled and diced or cut in small pieces as well; you can just consume them as it is. But a very important factor that we should not ignore is that while these fruits and vegetables are processed in the frozen state, they tend to lose their nutritional value because of the processing that they go through. When a food item is processed, it goes through blanching, tinning and dehydration as well to increase its longevity. However, in the bargain, they lose healthy nutrients and its healthy components. Blanching is a process that involves heating a food item with hot water or steam, and then it is tinned. This process is Dehydration which leads to Vitamin C loss and fruits that have lost their Vitamin C component can be very harmful as well. Hence it is always advisable to consume Fresh and Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables.

Conclusion: Hence we conclude that eating Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables has a nutritional value for our body, enables us to save some extra bucks, helps our neighborhood and also save our environment. So why not adapt this healthy habit from today itself. 

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