Prosecco Love – How About a Healthy Glass of Wine?

What is the one thing one wants at the end of a busy day? An easy chair, some light music to soothe the tired nerves and a glass of wine to relax! There are many who love to relax with a glass of the red liquid on weekends, too, or even enjoy drinking red wine every night.

The wine has been known to have quite a few health benefits and that is definitely good news to wine lovers. There are studies that support this claim, but of course, when had in moderation. For, anything in excess can and will harm one’s health.


Benefits of wine

  1. Wine contains the precious antioxidants that help fight the disease-causing free radicals. And, it is one of the wine nutrition facts that when in need of these antioxidants, it is best to reach for the white wine, instead of red.
  2. Drinking wine keeps your immune system in a good shape. it strengthens the body’s disease-fighting properties and helps keep infections at bay.
  3. Wine is great for bone density. As we age, the bones become brittle. People are advised to take calcium supplements to help bones become stronger. But, a glass of wine could help, too. Of course, the calcium could be included through one’s diet as over-dependence on wine is harmful to
  4. Wine is a blood thinner and prevents blood clotting, thus reducing the risk of stroke. But, again, consuming more than a glass daily could have the opposite effect, so one needs to drink in moderation.
  5. The resveratrol present in wine helps lower the bad cholesterol and raises the good cholesterol. This helps keep the blood pressure in check. Apart from this, consuming wine also shows a reduced risk of developing type2 diabetes.

However, the most important factor of how much wine is good is most essential if one wishes to benefit from this drink.

On an average, a glass of wine might benefit in all of the above ways, but more than that gives plenty of side effects. A glass or two for men and a glass and a half for women is the ideal quantity. However, although wine benefits us, there are better ways to improve our health.


How does too much wine affect one’s health? 

  1. Drinking wine on a regular basis is very common in several countries, but it could also lead to alcohol dependence. And, that is a cause for concern. It could get out of control and lead to alcoholism.
  2. More than 2 to 3 glasses of wine consumed every day increases the chances of developing the liver disease—cirrhosis—that is life-threatening.
  3. Drinking beyond the prescribed quantity could lead to depression and other mental health problems.
  4. Consumption of too much wine could lead to excess weight as it contains twice the amount of calories than beer or even aerated drinks.
  5. Lastly, even though wine could keep type 2 diabetes at bay, drinking too much could lead to an increased risk of this lifestyle disease.


How many calories in a bottle of wine?

Calories in a bottle of wine need to be taken into consideration when going for that bottle: 644 calories.

Calories in wine come from sugar and alcohol, where the finished product gets about 7 calories per gram from alcohol and 4 calories per gram are added by the residual sugar. So, a high-alcohol wine will be high in calories and be sweet while a low-alcohol dry wine will contain fewer calories. Therefore, it is better to choose the sweeter, low-alcohol wine if one wishes to stay safe from calories.

Questions often arise as to, what does one opt for, if one is faced with a dilemma: champagne vs wine.

A glass of champagne has the same alcohol content as a glass of wine. However, the bubbles in the champagne cause it to get absorbed faster into the stomach. As a result, it reaches the bloodstream at a faster speed than a glass of wine. So, it is always better to reach for that glass of wine, instead of champagne.

White wine, like the Prosecco, is a white, Italian wine. It is made from the Prosecco grapes or the Glera grapes. A glass of this white wine consists of 80 calories—far less than a large glass of wine. So, the calories in prosecco make it a healthier option to choose, it being a diet-friendly alcoholic drink!

However, some have claimed that overuse of the white Italian wine rots the teeth and gives the drinker a prosecco smile. The typical signs of a prosecco smile are when the teeth come out of the gums that can give rise to tooth decay and the need for dental work. Despite these claims, people prefer to turn a deaf ear and enjoy their glass!

If you don’t mind to make something special and amaze your friends, you can try to make homemade wine. We have some ideas for what you can make by yourself: 4 Homemade Natural Aperitif Wines With Medicinal Plants



Considering the health benefits and the side effects of wine, limiting the daily consumption to a moderate level makes sense as opposed to going overboard and getting addicted to the drink.

Making a clever choice is what makes all the difference!

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