10 Pointers to Healthy Eating

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a price and dinner like a pauper”, this saying has been popularized by every parent to make sure a child does not skip his breakfast. The saying gives us an easy way to remember how to space and balance our meals. This would help in optimizing the body resources without depriving it of nutrients.

Eat Light

As the day progresses, we should eat light and simple foods that are easily digested. This helps our metabolism and as a result by the end of the day, we can sleep early without feeling too full.

Sleep Well

The body needs a minimum of six hours of sleep, during which growth hormones are released, which boost muscle mass and repair cells and tissues.

Low Calorie Food for Breakfast

Breakfast, as the name suggests is the first meal that is consumed after a gap of six to eight hours. Breakfast should ideally be consumed within two hours of waking up, and should consist of important nutrients and minerals. If we do not consume them during breakfast, our body tends to compensate them during other meals of the day. Multiple researches have showed that having a healthy breakfast helps in controlling our weight since we are less likely to binge on high calorie fatty food during the day.

Low Calorie Food for Lunch

With the advent of multinational corporations and nine to five work environment, breakfast is skipped by many, owing to a shortage of time or that extra 5 minutes of sleep. This makes lunch the most important and only meal of the day.

Lunch is Good

Lunch serves a dual purpose, it helps in breaking the monotony of work and helps re-energize the body after breakfast.

Do not skip lunch

As the day passes, we start feeling sluggish and our concentration levels dip. Having a lunch break helps us feeling refreshed and ready for the remaining part of the day. This also helps improve our attention span thus helping us work better. However, a lot of weight watchers quit lunch hoping to cut a few kilos.

Do not Over eat

Skipping lunch can lead to revving up the appetite at a latter part of the day, whereby we tend to overeat and put on more weight.

Low Calorie Food for Dinner

Often dinner is the only time when a family gets together. It is one meal of the day where we break bread with our families. We share the goings on in our life and try to catch up with each other’s day and lives. Having a family dinner is strongly emphasized by family therapists. This reduces the risk of depression and helps open channels of communication among family members.

Healthy Dinner Meal

Eating a healthy meal before you retire for the day helps keep the bodily functions going and maintaining adequate metabolism rate.“Dinner like a pauper”, hold true in every sense because, the entire food intake during the day helps the body with all its functions.

Importance of Low Calorie Food

As the day progresses and the metabolism slow down, even the food that you consume should also be cut down. Having low calorie vegetarian dinner recipes serves that purpose aptly.

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